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4 Misconceptions about long distance Calling

May 14, 2015

Do you have family in another country with whom you want to stay in touch on a regular basis? Perhaps you want to start a business that requires a global reach. Due to misconceptions about long distance calling, you may have refrained from getting one. Here are some common misconceptions about long distance calling, as well as some facts to help clear them up. You may be surprised at what you find!

Misconception 1: I am only able to pay for long distance calls by the minute.

In the past, the only payment option that existed for people's long distance calls was to pay by the minute. This forced people to keep their calls short and to the point—with the fear that they may lose track of time and wind up with a huge phone bill.

This misconception keeps people from getting the most out of their phone calls. For example, people may want to be able to have intimate discussions with friends and family without feeling the need to be rushed.

The good news is that unlimited long distance calling options now exist. Individuals, businesses, and families now have the option to pay one reasonable monthly fee and enjoy as much long distance time as they desire.

Misconception 2: long distance calls are extremely expensive.

With the right plan in place, long distance calls can actually be very affordable for almost anyone. Prices can range from an extremely affordable few cents per minute to unlimited global calling for approximately $20 monthly! Even the most deluxe plan works out to less than a dollar a day.

Don't allow the misconception that long distance calling is completely unaffordable keep you from making and maintaining important connections in your life.

Misconception 3: If I want a long distance plan I will be obliged to a contract.

Many calling plans require some kind of commitment from users. This can be rather stressful due to the fact that you don't always know what exactly you're getting, or how much you might enjoy the service.

As long as you come across the right company, you will no longer need to worry about this issue. Certain long distance companies are becoming more flexible than ever. It is possible to find a long distance plan that does not tie you down for months or even years. Some even have a no contract required policy. This gives you the freedom to find the service that works best for you with little to no risk involved.

Misconception 4: I have to attain separate plans for my home phone and cell phone.

In today's world almost everyone has both a landline and a cell phone that they use on the regular. It is not at all pleasant to feel that you must be restricted to one or the other in order to make your long distance call.

The good news is that the right long distance company is now able to combine your plan onto both of your phones. Therefore, you can make your calls on-the-go, and can be reached from almost anywhere.

long distance plans have improved so much since the mid-Twentieth century. This is why so many people go out of their way to avoid it. The good thing is that calling companies have gotten far more flexible and reasonable than ever before.

long distance calling has become more affordable for the everyday person or family. It does not have to be a huge expense or inconvenience any longer. Be sure to take a look at some of these plans to find the one that works best for your situation. You may be surprised by your new perspective on long distance calls!

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