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5 Signs That You Should Have a long distance Plan

May 26, 2015

Tired of missing out on your loved ones' lives? Don't want to cringe at the thought of placing an international phone call? Pick up the phone and dial your loved ones without breaking your bank by singing up for a long distance phone plan. Still not convinced? Here are 5 clear cut signs that you should have a long distance plan.

Sign #1: You have loved ones far away

Having family overseas can make communication difficult and challenging. No amount of video chatting accounts for the differences in time zones other convenience of chatting while running important errands. Let's not even talk about the lag in video chats and the hassle of making sure that you have access to Wi-Fi in your area.

The majority of people prefer calling their friends instead of having to schedule ahead of time to video chat. Stay up to date on your friends' lives and improve relationships by opening the lines of communication. The restrictions of long distance fees are now lifted thanks to having a long distance phone plan.

Sign #2: You travel for fun or business...a lot

Traveling is fun whether it is for vacation purposes, business, or a mixture of both. Take advantage of a long distance plan to avoid the hesitation with taking business calls from overseas. Close deals and settle agreements with confidence derived from saving money on your business calls.

Those that are constantly travelling will benefit the most from long distance plans since they don't have to worry about fluctuating rates in various countries. The same applies to those that are away for a year to teach English in another country. long distance plans usually operate on a monthly basis and do not require an activation fee.

Sign #3: You time the length of your phone calls

Stop looking at the clock to keep track of how long your phone conversations are and breathe easy knowing that you have signed up with a long distance calling plan. With a long distance plan, you don't have to limit yourself to the length of time you have spent on the phone. You can focus on catching up with a friend and invest in quality conversation rather than rushing to get off the phone.

Sign #4: You cringe when you get your phone bill

Rest easy knowing exactly what your next phone bill will be even after placing international calls so that you can easily budget for your monthly bill. Say goodbye to surprises on your bill and handing over money for ridiculously expensive charges for connecting with loved ones. Let the constant monthly rate put your mind at ease.

Sign #5: People wonder why you disappeared off the face of the Earth

Heading out of the country and painful rates can leave people wondering if you have reached your destination safely. Tell loved ones that you have safely arrived and keep them up to date on your adventures. In times of emergencies such as your luggage gets lost or if your flight was delayed, having a long distance phone plan comes in handy to keep everyone updated on your situation.

The flexibility of today's long distance calling plans gives you the freedom to reach out and connect with people all over the world. Don't miss out on the lives around you because of long distance rates. Look for the signs mentioned above to help you determine whether or not you should be looking into a long distance plan. Sit back, place international calls and get ready to save!

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