CDN: 1 855 323 4343     USA: 1 866 935 9218

CANADA: 1 855 323 4343

USA: 1 866 935 9218

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Find your local access number anywhere you are in North America.

G3 Local Access Numbers

Simply dial the access number in your city and the long distance number with all area codes:

Canada, USA & the Caribbean:

Dial 1 + Area Code + Phone number + #

International Countries:

Dial 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone number + #

Select your country:

Access numbers for US customers

To search for access numbers in your city, enter your area code and the first three (3) digits of the number you are calling.

Toll-Free Numbers
USA 1-800-278-10371
Hawaii 1-866-935-92171
Canada 1-877-241-30902

1An applicable surcharge of 1.5¢/min applies for toll-free number usage.

2An applicable surcharge of 3¢/min applies.

*An applicable surcharge will apply if you use our toll-free number from a payphone.

Important: Please ensure our access number provided is local to your particular phone number. G3 Telecom will not be responsible for any long distance charges you may incur in dialing our local access number(s).

Click here to read our long distance service agreement.