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$5 = 63 min. | $10 = 125 min.
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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
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Call Pakistan- Lowest Pakistan Long Distance Rates

  • No contract
  • No expiration
  • PINless dialing
  • No hidden or extra fees
  • Guaranteed clear quality
  • Use from home, office or cell
  • Monitor your call details online
  • Support available 7 days/week
Call Myanmar
34¢ $5= 15min. | $10 = 29min.
Call Afghanistan
20¢ $5= 25min. | $10 = 50min.
Call India
$5= 500min. | $10 = 1000min.
Call Bangladesh
3.5¢ $5= 143min. | $10 = 286min.
Call Pakistan
$5= 63min. | $10 = 125min.
Call Nepal
11.9¢ $5= 42min. | $10 = 84min.
Call Sri Lanka
$5= 63min. | $10 = 125min.
Call Bhutan
10¢ $5= 50min. | $10 = 100min.
Call United States
$5= 500min. | $10 = 1000min.
Call Canada
$5= 500min. | $10 = 1000min.
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Why Choose G3?

G3 Telecom gives you the best rates on calling Pakistan for only 8 cent per minute! You can call Pakistan with confidence as there are no hidden fees, network charges, or contracts to sign. Enjoy the convenience our Pakistan long distance service has to offer with features like Auto Recharge, ability to monitor your call details online, as well as call Pakistan from your home, office or cell phone.

With such huge savings, you can call Pakistan or enjoy unlimited Pakistan long distance calling till your jaw drops. Sign up for our cheap Pakistan long distance service and start enjoying G3 Telecom's great service, quality and rates.

About G3 Telecom

G3 Telecom and its group of companies is a facilities-based reseller of telecommunication services registered with the FCC in the USA and the CRTC in Canada.

For over 10 years we've provided easy and affordable long distance services to USA and Canadian based customers with a special focus on ethnic markets. Our goal is to provide a superior quality product with no hidden charges or fees and exceptional customer service. We have built a reputation of providing honest, reliable and quality long distance service and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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