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  • General long distance FAQs:
  • Which calls can I place through G3?

    If you use our direct dial long distance service, G3 handles all your in-state, state-to-state and international calls, with the exception of local calls which are still handled by your local telephone company. If you currently enjoy free local calls, you will still not be charged for local calls after your phone line has been switched to G3.

    Certain local calls within your area code are charged for by your local telephone company (those are called local toll calls, or intralata calls, or local long distance, or interisland calls in Hawaii), usually when the person you are calling is located more than 20 to 25 miles away from you. We recommend that you select to have those calls also handled by G3 at the low intrastate rate for your state, instead of having your local telephone company charge you high rates. You will also enjoy one-second billing on those calls.

  • Do I keep my local telephone company when I switch to G3?

    G3 is a long distance provider, and only cares for your long distance telephone calls without installing any equipment in your home or office. This is why you have to keep your current local telephone company which provides your physical telephone lines, phone numbers and your local calls, and you will continue to pay your monthly service fee to your local phone company for that service.

    In the event that you change to a different local phone company after subscribing to G3, please contact our customer service in order for us to switch your new phone line(s) to G3 with your new telephone company.

  • How long does it take for my telephone line(s) to be switched to G3?

    After your application for G3 has been reviewed and accepted (you will receive and email from us at that time), it can take between 2 and 10 business days for your phone line(s) to be switched to G3, depending on your local telephone company. However, most accounts are setup within 2 to 3 business days.

    Since it is your local telephone company that actually switches your long distance service, we have no influence on the duration of that process.

    Our customer service will gladly inform you on the status of your application at any time.

  • How long does it take for my telephone line(s) to be switched to G3?

    After your application for G3 has been reviewed and accepted (you will receive and email from us at that time), it can take between 2 and 10 business days for your phone line(s) to be switched to G3, depending on your local telephone company. However, most accounts are setup within 2 to 3 business days.

    Since it is your local telephone company that actually switches your long distance service, we have no influence on the duration of that process.

    Our customer service will gladly inform you on the status of your application at any time.

  • Is G3 available with any local telephone company?

    Unlike with many other long distance providers, our low rates are available to anyone, no matter if your local telephone company is big or small, because we think that anyone deserves low rates and fair billing. The only exception would be if your local telephone company doesn't want you to use G3's service for an obscure reason.

  • What if I currently use another long distance provider? Will G3 cancel my current contract?

    G3 will NOT cancel your contract with your current long distance provider. If your current long distance provider doesn't charge you a monthly fee or a monthly minimum, there is no need to cancel your contract: since your long distance calls will be handled by G3 and not by your current long distance provider, your current provider will stop sending you bills since they will have nothing to bill you for! However, if your current long distance provider charges you a monthly fee or applies a monthly minimum, we urge you to cancel your contract in writing in order to make sure not to pay for any recurring charges in the future.

  • How would I cancel my contract with G3 in the event that I want to switch to another long distance provider?

    Since G3 has no monthly fees or minimums, you don't need to cancel your service contract with G3. In the unlikely event that you decide to switch to a different long distance provider, G3 will just stop billing your phone calls as soon as your phone line(s) are unswitched from the G3's network, and your service contract with G3 will cancel automatically as stated in our Terms and Conditions. In plain English: you automatically cancel your G3 service by switching your long distance to another long distance provider.

    However for your protection we do recommend that you call us or send us an email if you disconnect service, so we can close the account and make sure that no charges ever incur without your knowledge.

  • Do I have to dial an access code each time I place a phone call?

    It actually depends what service you requested from G3. If you requested our direct dial long distance service, then G3 uses the presubscribed long distance carrier feature of your phone line(s) so that you don't have to dial an annoying access code before each phone call.

    Once your phone line has been switched to G3, you dial 1 for long distance and 011 for international, and your calls are automatically transmitted through G3's network in the same high quality as before, but with G3's much lower rates and unique one-second billing.

    If you decided to use our dial around service with access number, then of course you will need to call our access number for every call you want G3 to take care of. If you forget the access number, we can't be responsible for the calls. We recommend that you save the access number in a speed dial of your phone, which makes it far more convenient to use.

  • What if I don't want to sign-up on the Internet?

    You can also sign-up by calling customer service.

  • My local telephone company has charged me a fee for switching to G3. Will G3 reimburse me?

    Unfortunately, G3 cannot reimburse you for fees charged by your local telephone company, but we are sure that our low rates will allow you to save at least the amount charged by your local telephone company within the first few months of using G3.

  • What can I do in the event of a network outage that prevents me from calling a certain destination?

    Although very rare, network outages that prevent you from being able to call certain destinations can happen. Those outages are often beyond our control, but you can reduce the repair time by informing our customer service as soon as you notice a disfunction.

    Network outages are often repaired in a matter of minutes, but if you need to place a phone call to a non-working destination urgently, you can always do so by using alternate dial around long distance services. We recommend you to use those services only when urgently needed, as their rates will be much higher than calling with G3.

  • What is a PIC freeze?

    A PIC freeze is when you ask your local telephone company to prevent your telephone line(s) from being switched to another long distance provider without your consent.

    We recommend that you request a PIC freeze from your local telephone company after G3's service has been successfully switched to your phone line(s) so that a disregarding long distance provider cannot switch your phone line to their more expensive long distance service without your consent.

    If you have a PIC freeze in effect before applying for G3, you NEED TO REMOVE it by asking your local telephone company, before applying for G3. Otherwise, we won't be able to switch your phone line(s) to G3 and your activation may be delayed.

  • Where can I find G3's Terms and Conditions?

    Our Terms and Conditions can be read here. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you have questions regarding our Terms and Conditions.

  • Does G3 offer account codes?

    Yes, G3 offers account codes to customers free of charge. To set-up account codes, customers would contact customer service after signing up.

  • Can I send faxes or place data calls with G3?

    Yes, you can send faxes within the United States through G3, just like you do with your current long-distance provider. However, you may experience occasional difficulties sending faxes to certain countries, mainly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. If you are unsure whether faxes are supported to a particular destination, please feel free to contact our customer service. Also data calls in the US might not always work perfectly, in particular we recommend that your alarm system does not rely on long distance calls. Data calls outside the United States are generally not supported.

    You may still achieve substantial savings by switching only your voice lines to G3.

  • What should I do if I move?

    If you are already a customer and you are moving, please contact our customer service in order to inform us of your new telephone number. If we do not receive the information regarding your new telephone number from you, you might not get setup properly by your local phone provider. By contacting our customer service either by email or by calling us, you ensure that we have all the necessary information to make sure you keep our service when you move.

  • Do I get something if I refer friends and family to G3?

    Yes, absolutely! We always appreciate new business, and to thank you for referring new customers to G3, we will credit your account with $10 for each new customer that signs up with us on your behalf. Just follow these easy steps to receive your credits.

    1. Tell your friends about G3, the great savings and fair service we offer.
    2. Make sure that your referees mention your 10 digit telephone number in the "referred by" field when signing up.

    We are sure your friends and family will enjoy the great savings on their long distance bill.

    If you are not yet a customer, and would like to benefit from this offer, sign up! Not only will you enjoy tremendous savings on your long distance bill, but you will also be able to refer your friends and family to us, and enjoy FREE $10 credits within days.

    *Offer valid for new, approved customers. Customer approval subject to credit approval and identity verification. Limit 1 credit per new customer.

  • Travel-Card
  • Does G3 offer me a travel-card to place calls while on the road?

    Yes, absolutely! We offer you a free travel-card to place calls from any phone in the U.S. and Canada. There is no fee to have a card, and calls are billed at our regular rates without surcharge. For more information, please click here.

  • How do I use my G3 travel-card?

    The card is easy to use: all you need to do is dial the toll-free access number, enter your main telephone number at the prompt, followed by your G3 PIN code, and you will get a dialtone that allows you to place both domestic and international calls at G3's low rates. You can find the access numbers here.

  • What are the rates when calling with my travel-card?

    There are no extra fees associated with the travel-card, and calls are charged at the same rates than from your regular phone without surcharge or connection fee. An FCC mandated surcharge of 65ยข applies to all calls originating from payphones.

  • How do I get a travel-card?

    Only existing customers can request a travel-card. The travel-card will be activated within seconds. Please contact us to request your travel-card.

  • What is the authorization code I am asked for when calling the access number?

    Your authorization code is your main 10 digit telephone number that is registered with G3. After entering your authorization code, you will be prompted for your 4-digit G3 PIN code.

  • How can I place several calls from a payphone without paying for the payphone surcharge for each call?

    When using your travel-card and your first call is finished, do not hang up and dial ## instead. This will give you a new dialtone and you may dial another call without paying for an extra payphone surcharge (since you have only placed one single call from the payphone to our access number). For security reasons, you can only use ## twice. If you need to place a fourth call, you will need to hang up and dial the access number again.

  • Can I speed up the connection of my call when calling with my travel-card?

    When using your travel-card, you may speed up the connection of your call by pressing # at the end of the called number. This tells our equipment that you are finished entering digits and that the call should be connected immediately.

  • Do you offer the travel-card as a stand-alone product?

    At this time, the travel-card is only offered to G3's long distance customers. You have to select G3 as your long distance provider for a home or business line in order to receive a travel-card.

  • Toll-Free Number Service
  • Can G3 switch my toll-free number and bill me for inbound traffic?

    Yes, G3 also offers toll-free service to business and residential customers. Please contact customer service to transfer an existing toll-free number to your account, or to request a new toll-free number, with the type of number (800, 888, 877 etc) you would like. Transfering numbers or requesting new numbers is free of charge. A recurring service charge of 99¢ per month applies to every toll-free number in your account. Click here for more information on G3's toll-free number service.

  • Can a toll-free number ring to an international number?

    No, unfortunately we cannot provide toll-free numbers to an international destination. Currently, we only provide toll-free numbers to USA and Canada numbers.

  • Rates and Fees
  • Are there any monthly fees or minimums, or any other recurring fees that I will be charged?

    There are absolutely no monthly fees nor minimums nor any other recurring fees that you will be charged by G3 for using our long distance service. You are only billed for the phone calls that you place, and this is all you have to pay for. If you don't place any calls during a month (while on vacation for example) you will not be charged anything. 800 numbers or paper bills are subject to monthly service charges. Certain business accounts are subject to federal PICC fees.

  • What about monthly PICC (Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier Charge) fees?

    PICC fees are federally mandated fees that long distance providers have to assess on certain customers on behalf of the FCC.

    We do not charge monthly PICC fees for residential customers, as there is no PICC fee imposed on residential telephone lines anymore (we don't understand why some long distance providers still keep charging those fees to residential customers!). However, multiline business customers with more than one telephone line have to be charged $2.50 per month per extra telephone line switched to G3 beyond the primary telephone line for which no PICC fee is charged. This fee is simply collected by G3 on behalf of the FCC, much like a tax, and has to be charged by any legitimate long distance provider (look at your current bill under PICC fee, federal access fee, line access fee or line switching fee.

  • Where can I see a complete rate list with all countries?

    Click here to download a complete rates list in PDF format.

  • What is straight one-second billing?

    Straight one-second billing means that all your calls are billed by the second, from the time the called party pick up their phone. G3 doesn't apply a minimum to each call, unlike other long distance providers who apply minimums between 6 and 60 seconds per call, or even 20 minutes! This means that if you call someone, are redirected to their voicemail and hang up immediately, you will only be charged for 1 or 2 seconds at G3's low rate. This makes a huge difference when compared to a 60 seconds minimum!

    With one-second billing, you also enjoy no billing increment on your calls. Each call is billed for its exact duration in seconds. This means that if you call someone for 1 minute and 33 seconds, G3 will only bill you for 1 minute and 33 seconds, where other providers would bill your for 1 minute and 40, 2 minutes or even 20 minutes!

    With G3, one-second billing comes on all your calls, even on international calls!

    The table below shows how much you would additionally save with one-second billing, if your current provider already offered you the same low rates as G3 (If you currently phone at a higher rate, you would save much more than the tables shows, because of the lower rate on top of the one-second billing!):

      30 seconds billing increment 60 seconds billing increment 20 minutes billing increment
    3 second call (typically hanging up on a voicemail) You would save 90% extra
    with one-second billing
    You would save 95% extra
    with one-second billing
    You would save 99% extra
    with one-second billing
    33 second call (typically just leaving a message) You would save 45% extra
    with one-second billing
    You would save 45% extra
    with one-second billing
    You would save 97% extra
    with one-second billing
    8 minutes and 33 seconds call (typical call to the family) You would save 5% extra
    with one-second billing
    You would save 5% extra
    with one-second billing
    You would save 57% extra
    with one-second billing

    Calculations are based on a 4.8 cents/minute rate and do not include applicable tax.

  • Are those promotional rates which will go up a few weeks after I signed up?

    Our rates are not promotional rates. Those rates are permanent for all our customers. We also do not have plans to raise our rates in the future, unless forced by economical or political changes beyond our control on very specific destinations. If our rates change, all customers are notified at least 15 days in advance, persuant to our Terms and Conditions, so that there are no surprises.

    As a general trend in telecommunications, rates tend to go down, and we believe that if our rates change, they will rather go down than up!

  • What taxes are assessed on my phone calls?

    Some long distance providers might not assess any taxes on phone calls that you place, which is completely illegal. As a legitimate long distance provider registered in all 50 states, G3 is legally obligated to assess certain taxes on your phone bill:

    • State and local taxes can range anywhere from 0 to 10% depending on your city, county and state. Certain smaller long distance providers don't charge you for those taxes. This is completely illegal and means that those companies are bound to disappear sooner or later.
    • The USF (Universal Service Fund) charge is collected on behalf of the federal government to fund telecommunications in remote areas. G3 passes the USF charge straight through to its customers. The current USF charge rate can be found here.

    Remember, since G3 offers such low rates, our customers pay less taxes since the taxes are applied to lower amounts.

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