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  • What is the G3 app and how does it work?

    The G3 app is a free mobile application that you can download to your Android or Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) mobile device. It allows you to make low rate long distance calls directly from your contact list, address book, phone screen or email view without having to dial long access numbers or PINs.

    With just a tap, our mobile app dials your long distance number and launches the G3 service, where your call will then be routed to the G3 Network and allow you to save on expensive long distance charges from your cellular provider.

  • How do I download the G3 mobile app?

    You can get our mobile app from Google Play, App Store, or through our website.

    Android   Apple iOS

    To download from our website, go to our download page, and enter your mobile number or email that you can access via your Android or Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) device.

  • Who is the G3 mobile app ideal for?

    Our mobile app is perfect for everyone who calls long distance from their Android or Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) mobile device or smartphone. The application makes it very easy and convenient to make long distance calls directly from your contact list, address book, phone screen or email view without having to dial long access numbers or PINs. You can save on expensive long distance charges from your cellular provider with G3 Telecom's low long distance rates.

    • Free to download
    • No dialing of access numbers
    • No contracts required
    • Same low long distance rates 24/7
    • No hidden fees
  • How is the G3 mobile app different from the way I normally call long distance on my cell phone?

    The G3 app saves you the hassle of having to dial access numbers, PINs. With just a click, you can select a destination number directly from your contact list, address book, phone screen or email view. It's that simple. Plus, you avoid paying high long distance charges from your cell phone provider.

  • How do I use the G3 mobile app?

    Click on your Android or Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) device's operating system and follow the easy step-by-step instructions:


  • How do I make sure all my long distance are routed through the G3 app?

    To ensure that you are using the G3 service every time you call long distance, always remember to launch the G3 mobile app first before dialing or selecting a number from your contact list.

    You should also be able to hear our automated voice prompt announce your account balance after you dial your long distance number.

  • How often do I need to update my profile?

    You will only need to update your profile when you first use the application and whenever you travel outside your location.

  • How should I set my call type?

    There are three (3) types of call settings you can use when calling via the G3 mobile app:

    • Dial Through - uses a local access number
    • VoIP WiFi - uses WiFi connectivity
    • VoIP Data - uses 3G connectivity / data

    Dial Through

    This default setting is determined by the G3 service or plan you are subscribed in. The G3 app dials your outgoing call and routes it through the G3 network.

    VoIP WiFi

    Using VoIP WiFi lets you call without using your regular data plan. When choosing VoIP WiFi, ensure that your mobile is actually connected to a WiFi network, otherwise it will count towards you data plan.

    To call using VoIP WiFi:

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Select Call Type and choose VoIP WiFi.
    3. Go back to Settings and click Done.

    VoIP Data

    Using VoIP Data will count towards your regular data plan. You may want to disable 3G VoIP Data calls when traveling to avoid expensive data roaming charges.

    To call using VoIP Data:

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Select Call Type and choose VoIP Data.
    3. Go back to Settings and click Done.
  • What is a Pause Code (Android)?

    Pause codes are automated and carrier-specific codes that are used to instruct the receiving system to pause before entering the numbers that follow them in a dialing sequence. Most common pause codes are "p", "," (comma) and ";" (semicolon).

    The majority of Android phones use "," (comma) to pause when dialing, but a few Androids use "p" (small p). If the G3 app should fail to dial any number, try changing the default Pause Code setting on the application. You may need to update the automated pause code to one that is specific or appropriate for your phone model.

  • When should I enter a PIN?

    When you use the G3 app for the first time on your Android or on your Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) device, we will send you a PIN via SMS.

    If you have a G3 SmartCard, you may enter the PIN found at the back of the card. This will let you use whatever minutes you have on the card instead of your regular G3 account (if you have one).

  • What is a Location ID?

    By default, it is the first 7 digits of your mobile phone number including Country Code. The access number is based on your Location ID. If you change your Location ID and select 'Update Profile,' the access number will also change according to your new Location ID.

    When you Travel

    Change your Location ID whenever you travel outside your city or state to ensure that the access number(s) you will be using is local to your area.

    For example, if you are traveling to Toronto, you can change your location ID to '1416567':

    1416 - Country code + Toronto area code

    567 - first three digits of your mobile number (or any 3-digit numbers will do)

    Click on 'Update Profile' to edit your Location ID. After entering your new Location ID, click on 'Update Profile' again to retrieve your new local access numbers.

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