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Why do Cell Phone Companies Offer Multiple Cheap Mobile Plans?

April 13, 2015

Cell phones have become the new American Express, we just can't leave home without them! That's why it is essential for companies to offer cheap mobile plans to their customers. As home phone service slowly becomes obsolete, mobile phones are a convenient tool to ensure we are constantly available, able to reach our loved ones, or connected to the world's wealth of knowledge, from anywhere and at any time. Costly mobile plans can be inaccessible for most of us living on a budget. Here are 5 reasons why companies offer a variety of cheap mobile plans:


Not every plan offered by cell phone companies will be the right fit for every customer. Are you constantly on your cell phone, making calls for your business? Maybe a plan with more minutes is what you need. Are you a student who relies on text message to communicate when you're in class? Maybe you need a plan with unlimited messaging, but less talk minutes. Do you continuously go over your data limit? Find a plan that offsets more data with less of something else. The point is that cell phone companies try to provide a variety of plans so that each consumer feel their needs are being met.

If companies didn't offer variety, a segment of their customers would be disadvantaged when purchasing plans. Mobile phone companies are constantly trying to retain their customer base, so providing them with a service they actually want and need is crucial.


If flexibility is designed to attract customers, it is definitely because of the competition in the market. Cell phone companies have to offer multiple cheap mobile plans in order to stay competitive. If their rivals are offering variety, customers will leave for a plan that better suits their needs. In a service based business with reoccurring monthly fees, retaining customers is absolutely vital. With cell phones entrenched as our main source of non­face to face communication, companies are fighting for their share of the market.


As consumers, we're constantly searching for value in every product we buy. While expensive cell phone plans with unlimited everything might work for business or the CEO of a large company, the average individual wants a plan that is cheap. Offering a variety of these plans again allows for flexibility, but the reason companies offer them in the first place is because they need plans people can afford. If your plan is too expensive, you're going to switch to another company!

Before you decide where you're going to purchase your next cell phone plan, conduct some research. Find out which company offers the best, cheap mobile plans. More importantly, find out if they offer a plan that suits your needs. Just because it's less expensive, doesn't mean you'll be getting the best value.

Many of the larger mobile companies are buying the smaller players on the market to solidify their customer base. If you think you're paying too much with one of the big guys, see if they own a smaller company that offers cheaper plans. Don't continue to be bled dry by an expensive cell phone plan, find one that works for you!

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